The good news for customers of helicopter services in the Chicago area is that there isn’t a bad helicopter operator in this area.

As much as I’d like to say, “Rotor Zen is the best!”  I have to admit that it’s my own subjective opinion.  All the helicopter operators in our area are pretty good!

So what should you look for when purchasing a helicopter tour, Helicopter ride, or helicopter services? 

Here are my suggestions for customers:

• Are you dealing with the operator or just a reseller?  It’s always more efficient and cost effective to deal with the helicopter operator directly.  There are many broker companies that sell helicopter services but don’t own a single helicopter. Often these companies mark up the price.  Buy directly from the commercial helicopter operator if possible.  This is really important for the purpose of planning if your plans are unique or you have a lot of questions.

Read the Helicopter company reviews but keep them in perspective.  Reviews can be found on Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other sources.  Remember that even good companies sometimes get a bad review. 

• Consider the location of your helicopter tour or service provider.  You can save time and money by using a helicopter company that is near your desired location.

• Make sure that the helicopter is available when you want to fly

If you’re planning a special occasion, tell the company!  Many helicopter companies can assist you with wedding proposals, wedding plans, and other special events!  

The good news is that all the helicopter companies in the Chicago area have highly skilled and professional pilots with comfortable, well maintained helicopters.  In the end, what makes a good experience is the availability of the helicopter and the convenience of the location.  



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